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2015 - Year in Review

2016 is now upon us so here's a look back at the past twelve months.

New products

CinePlay for Apple TV -  Play Kollaborate cloud videos directly on your TV.

(Note: It's not possible to link directly to Apple TV apps so we'd recommend searching for "cineplay" on the App Store to find it.)

Kollaborate Today extension - View what's new in your project at a glance directly from your desktop.

Kollaborate Folder Watcher - Automatically upload files to the cloud when copied to a particular folder on your hard drive.

Major updates

Pro Media Tools 1.4 - Major Auto Transfer overhaul with faster camera memory card offloading and embeddable metadata.

CinePlay 1.3 for Mac - We improved our professional Mac media player with audio waveforms, audio scrubbing and BWF timecode support.

We also released CinePlay 1.2 earlier in the year with support for playing back image sequences and drawing annotations directly over a video.

Pro Maintenance Tools 2.1 - Our suite of maintenance and repair tools received a Plugin Manager crash tester overhaul, improved FCPX repair capabilities and improved Avid and Adobe CC support.

Pro Versioner 2.1 - Improved support for backing up FCPX projects.

Cut Notes 2.4 for iPad - Enhance your note-taking workflow by sharing custom note button profiles between iPads.

CinePlay 1.5 for iOS - View media file metadata and approve/reject files stored on Kollaborate.

Video Space Calculator 1.2 for iOS - Our video storage calculator received a UI refresh and support for additional codecs.

In total we released over 100 updates for our apps.

Cloud enhancements

As well as increasing subscriber storage space three times, we made the following improvements to our Kollaborate cloud platform:

  • Simplified team management
  • Full-screen commenting
  • Compare revision notes
  • Drag and drop uploading
  • Additional permissions
  • Additional statistics for shared links
  • Save / restore playback position
  • Simplified file sharing
  • Python scripting of Kollaborate Server
  • Project alerts
  • Import markers from FCP 7 / FCPX XML
  • Larger thumbnails
  • Kollaborate Encoder - Automatically transcode media files uploaded to Kollaborate Server
  • Toggle email alerts
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Archived projects are now locked to prevent changes
  • Kollaborate Server admin area overhaul
  • Comments now appear as markers under the video
  • Comments can be sorted and filtered
  • Comments can be exported according to color, author or favorite status
  • Simplified task management
  • Nudge users to remind them to view a file
  • Manually set video thumbnails
  • Improved playback navigation controls
  • Import users from another project
  • Revisions can now be made accessible in shared links
  • File statuses can be batch-edited from the Files page
  • Previously-entered settings are now remembered when sharing a link and exporting comments
  • Files can be filtered by type or status
  • Duration is now shown on the Files page
  • Search for team members on the Team page
  • Annotations now appear automatically when clicking a comment
  • And many more


Our most-downloaded app was FCS Remover but our most-used app was Post Haste. Our most popular paid tool was Pro Maintenance Tools. Our most popular iOS app was Video Space Calculator. The number of subscribers and daily logins for Kollaborate doubled.

We also performed a complete redesign of our website from scratch, which allowed us to streamline our customer service and make it easier to find information you need. We're currently working on additional features that will make their way to the site in the next few weeks.

The most popular blog posts in 2015 were:

What's next

2016 will be a big year for us with brand new products, major updates to our existing ones and expansions to additional platforms outside OS X and iOS. You can keep up to date with new products, features and tips by subscribing to this blog, following us on Twitter or Facebook or by subscribing to our mailing list.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Jan 2 2016 to DR News, Front Page News