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Cut Notes 2.4 for iPad - share button profiles with other devices

Cut Notes 2.4 is a major update to our iPad note-taking app for video and audio professionals.

Share button profiles

One of our top feature requests was the ability to share button configurations between multiple devices running Cut Notes. We've now made that really easy.

1. Go to the Settings menu and tap Export Buttons.

2. A Compose Mail dialog will appear along with a .cnbuttons file as an attachment.

3. Email the button profile to an account accessible on the other device.

4. On the other device, tap the .cnbuttons attachment then select Open in Cut Notes.

Note: in some cases it may be necessary to tap and hold for the popup to appear.

5. Cut Notes will launch and ask if you want to import the button profile. Tap Import and your current button configuration will be overwritten by the new profile.

We've also added the ability for Kollaborate project admins to modify the comments of others and fixed several bugs.

Cut Notes is a useful addition to any post production professional's toolkit. To find out more, visit the product page, read the user manual or watch the overview video.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Feb 5 2015 to DR News, Front Page News, Utilities