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Introducing Kollaborate Plugin Pack - upload directly from your NLE

Yesterday we launched Kollaborate Plugin Pack. This is a group of NLE plugins that allow for direct uploading to our Kollaborate cloud workflow platform from your editing application, saving both time and effort. We currently have plugins for Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro for Mac.

The installer places Send to Kollaborate functions in the File > Export menu in Premiere and the File > Share menu in FCPX.

The user manual provides a full tutorial but the basic workflow is as follows:

1. Go to File > Export > Send to Kollaborate (Premiere) or File > Share > Send to Kollaborate (FCPX).

2. At this point FCPX users should enter a title and other basic details for the project. Premiere users should skip to step 3.

3. Assuming you're logged into Kollaborate, select the project and provide basic details such as the title, description and where to store the file.

4. Click Export Sequence and the NLE will take over the rendering of the file. Once that is complete, the Kollaborate plugin will upload the video in the background and alert you with a Notification Center alert when it's done.

Note: due to limitations in the Adobe Premiere API, any in and out points in your timeline will be ignored when exporting through the plugin. To export a section of your timeline, please nest the sequence.

System requirements are OS X 10.8+ and FCPX 10.1+ or Adobe Premiere Pro CC or higher.

Kollaborate is the only professional workflow platform that integrates in this way with your editing application. To find out more, register for the free 15-day trial (no credit card needed).

Posted by Jon Chappell on Oct 28 2014 to DR News, Front Page News, Kollaborate