Recent Updates

CinePlay for iOS 1.7.8

  • Fixed an issue where it might not be possible to enter comments with an external keyboard
  • Minor UI tweaks

Pro Media Tools 1.9

Gamma Shift Detector 1.8

This app has been discontinued. This update removes the registration code to make the app freely downloadable.

Kollaborate Server 3.0.3

Docker changes

  • Fixed an issue where the container may not be able to communicate with LetsEncrypt's servers
  • Setting USE_LETS_ENCRYPT to false now removes existing certificates, which is useful for troubleshooting
  • Fixed an issue where Postfix may not start automatically
  • When LetsEncrypt is switched on, http requests are now automatically forwarded to https

Other changes

  • Support for showing image files in the Adobe Panel
  • Comments - Replies are still listed under their respective parent comments when ordering comments by date
  • Comments - Fixed an issue where comment replies may not be threaded correctly
  • Player - Fixed an issue where pressing Play on Cut Notes wouldn't stop rewinding/fast forwarding when synced to the web UI
  • Users - Fixed an issue where admins could be unable to add users in some instances
  • Various minor tweaks and bug fixes

Upgrading from a previous version

Please see the Upgrading section of the installation guide for instructions on how to upgrade your existing installation.

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