Recent Updates

Kollaborate Server 3.6

Breaking Change: Kollaborate Server now supports directly sending emails via  a user-supplied SMTP server. This is now the recommended way of sending emails. If you configured email sending through the mailserver Docker container (which has now been removed), you will need to go to the Configure page in the Admin Area to set it up again.

Additionally, our Email Routing service is now deprecated and will shut down in March 2022. We recommend customers upgrade to 3.6 and switch to the new SMTP sending feature before this date. (We will be contacting affected customers separately with more details.)

Server-Specific Changes:

  • Direct SMTP email sending
  • The default workflows for new projects can be customized from the Admin Area
  • Admin Dashboard - Only calculate average encoding time for files from the last 24 hours
  • Admin Dashboard - Fixed an issue where clearing the render queue doesn't requeue jobs correctly
  • Admin Dashboard - Added the ability to clear failed encoding jobs only
  • Fixed an issue where errors wouldn't be shown when creating a new user from the Admin interface
  • Roles has been moved to the main navigation bar
  • You can now override the "From" name shown in emails from the Configure page (by default it is the site's name)

Other Changes:

  • Player - Show video codec and track information in the Metadata pane
  • Set language on a per-file basis (this can be done from the Edit Metadata page for the file)
  • Team - Shows a padlock icon next to a user if they have Multi-Factor Authentication enabled
  • Uploads - Show remaining upload count in page title
  • History - Show file move events on the History page
  • Share - Show the file upload link's description to users when uploading
  • Player - Added n / p shortcut keys to go to next / previous file
  • Fixed an issue causing potential conflicts with similar folder names
  • Files - Various page performance improvements when navigating and uploading files
  • Files - Fixed strange behavior when interacting with a file immediately after upload (e.g. favoriting or Quick Look)
  • Player - Disabled browser player download button on mobile
  • Files - Fixed page scrolling unnecessarily when dragging in files to upload
  • Player - Fixed an error when subscribing / unsubscribing to a file
  • Various minor fixes, code modernizations and refactorings

CinePlay 1.7.1

  • Fixed an issue that could cause annotations embedded in exported frames to be misaligned

CinePlay for iOS 1.8

  • Compatibility with videos in Photo Library on iOS 15
  • UI improvements
  • Stability improvements
  • Minor bug fixes and tweaks

Kollaborate Encoder 1.6

  • Upgrades the Docker container to use Ubuntu 20.04
  • Upgrades ffmpeg to 4.4
  • Fixed an issue where it couldn't get a response from the web server if a redirect occurred (such as from http to https)
  • Fixed several issues that could cause temp files to not be cleared out afterwards
  • Minor bug fixes and tweaks
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