Recent Updates

Pro Media Tools 2.0

  • QT Edit has been rewritten to use the modern AV Foundation framework, allowing it to work in Catalina and Big Sur. This is a preview release that should largely be stable but we recommend operating on a copy of your media files just in case. The majority of features from the old version still exist, with the exception of a few small features that no longer exist in the new API. Chapter support is not present in the new version because chapters are different in the new API and it makes more sense to implement them in a new way instead of directly porting the old implementation, so chapters will be returning in a future update.
  • Video Check - It's now possible to run audio scans without scanning video
  • Video Check - Improved the reliability / accuracy of audio scans
  • Video Check - Performance improvements
  • Edit Detector - Reliability improvements
  • Various other optimizations and modernizations

Kollaborate Server 3.1

Docker changes

  • The installer and upgrader scripts now ask for a password to improve security. You can view / modify this password from the config.env file.
  • The database is now inaccessible to the host system by default. If you need to manually edit the database in a tool like Sequel Pro, uncomment the "ports" section of the database service in docker-compose.yml.
  • Increased proxy timeouts to prevent timeouts occurring during long-running operations

Server-specific changes

  • You can now specify a database port other than MySQL's default of 3306
  • Default roles can be edited by site or super admins
  • More descriptive error messages if a non-admin tries to log into the Admin Area
  • The installer and troubleshooter now check the SQL mode is not set to strict
  • Support for passwords for the installer / upgrader. Manual installations should set the environment variable KOLLAB_INSTALLER_PASSWORD to activate this setting; this is already taken care of for Docker installations.

Other changes

  • Massive under-the-hood overhaul
  • Folder downloading
  • Heatmaps - show where people skipped ahead and where they watched more than once
  • QuickShare - faster sharing of links
  • Task tags
  • Custom Roles per project
  • Keyboard shortcut overhaul - click the Keyboard icon at the bottom left of the screen to discover available keyboard shortcuts
  • Import / export metadata from CSV files
  • Pin important tasks to the top of the Tasks view
  • Improved icons and UI tweaks
  • You can now add captions in languages other than English
  • Fixed an issue where zooming might not work on PDFs
  • Uploads - Improvements to estimated time calculations
  • UI - Fixed checkboxes looking strange in Safari
  • Files - Fixed an issue where documents and compressed files could not be dragged and dropped
  • PDFs - Mouse wheel / keyboard shortcuts for zooming and page navigation
  • Images - Zoom in / out shortcut keys
  • Documents - You can now specify the page number in the player URL by appending "&page=x"
  • Annotations - Increased line width for large images
  • Projects - Support for specifying a project's language and having the player default to transcriptions for that language
  • Thumbnails - Fixed an issue where thumbnails may not delete on Kollaborate Server
  • Projects - Fixed an issue where deleting a project would not delete the project's directory on the storage drive
  • API - Fixed an issue where it wouldn't automatically create a project folder the first time a file is uploaded by the API
  • UI - Fixed file titles being too short on mobile
  • Lots of minor tweaks and bug fixes

Upgrading from a previous version

Please see the Upgrading section of the installation guide for instructions on how to upgrade your existing installation.

Kollaborate Premiere Panel for Windows 1.0.4

  • Improved compatibility with Adobe Premiere Pro 14.4
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and improvements

Kollaborate Premiere Panel for Mac 1.0.4

  • Improved compatibility with Adobe Premiere Pro 14.4
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and improvements
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