Recent Updates

Marker Import for Mac 2.1.5

  • Marker Import now requires macOS 10.8 or higher
  • Improved compatibility with FCPX

Pro Media Tools 1.5

  • Auto Transfer - Offloading performance improvements
  • Auto Transfer - Added an "Open QuickTimes movies as CinePlay playlist" option to Actions
  • Auto Transfer - Reel number is now auto-detected if it’s in the volume name (certain volumes only)
  • Auto Transfer - Better support for detecting ARRI volumes
  • Auto Transfer - Support for detecting Tascam volumes
  • Auto Transfer - Improved the responsiveness of ejecting a volume
  • Auto Transfer - Fixed an issue where the day could increment more than once if the app is launched with more than one card mounted
  • Auto Transfer - Fixed an issue where ignoring a volume may not work correctly
  • Edit Detector - Exporting an FCPXML event now automatically imports it into FCPX
  • Edit Detector - Added the ability to suppress the deletion prompt when removing edit points
  • Edit Detector - Improved compatibility with FCPX
  • QT Edit - Support for setting Ultra HD and HDR color flags
  • QT Edit - Better error reporting when a movie can’t be opened
  • Video Check - Results are now cached when reloading a file
  • Video Check - Export errors as markers in an FCPX event
  • Video Check - Metadata errors are now tagged with timecode
  • Video Check - Default bit-depth is now 10-bit
  • Video Check - Settings are now saved correctly when a text box is still editing when you click submit
  • Video Check - Arrow keys now work correctly in text boxes
  • Video Check - Fixed an issue where timecode tracks may be detected incorrectly
  • Various other bug fixes, tweaks and improvements

Kollaborate Server 2.5

  • Workflows - Perform tasks like color coding or moving to a specific folder when a file is assigned a workflow. Create tiered approval levels and milestones.
  • File Requests - Allow users outside the project to upload files without being part of the team
  • Files can now be color coded
  • Status labels can now be added to files
  • Team page overhaul with simpler UI that makes it easier and quicker to add new team members
  • Positions have been replaced with Roles to make it simpler to set user permissions
  • Batch metadata editing
  • Projects can now be muted to stop receiving alerts
  • SRT subtitles can now be shown in the player by linking them to the video via the Relationship Editor
  • Added an admin Dashboard that shows statistics and error logging
  • Link recipients can now be tracked by their IP address for links not sent through the site
  • Files - Added new filters for showing unviewed files, files with/without comments, with revisions and new files since your last visit
  • Users can now switch off auto-pausing when typing a note from the Playback Settings window in the Actions menu of the player
  • Added Home and End shortcut keys to go to the beginning and end of a movie
  • Tasks - Added Project and Filename columns to CSV exports
  • [todo] and [done] tags now appear in exported marker lists
  • Overhauled email styles
  • Inviting a user now sends them an activation link instead of automatically generating a password
  • Profile - UI overhaul when viewing someone else's profile
  • Sharing - You can now view the link URL directly from the Share page when creating a new link
  • URLs are now parsed in comments and file descriptions
  • Custom user permissions can now be set back to the defaults
  • Overhauled task UI
  • Tags and descriptions are now matched when searching from the Files page
  • Videos now show an icon if they have an audio track
  • Fixed an issue where Kollaborate Server may create folders with incorrect permissions
  • Fixed an issue where custom site logos may not display correctly
  • Fixed an issue where markers may not export correctly for comments made by users without accounts
  • Fixed an issue where the hold timecode position may not appear
  • Fixed an issue where thumbnail paths could be incorrect
  • Installer - Fixed an issue where PHP paths could be blank
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate files could appear incorrectly when making revisions independent
  • The base file in a version stack can no longer be moved or deleted
  • Adobe panel no longer shows a dropdown if no markers exist for importing
  • API changes mean that only apps released within the past year are compatible
  • Flash fallback removed - a browser supporting H.264 playback natively is now required
  • Link recipients can no longer enter blank usernames
  • Profile - Fixed not being able to subscribe / unscubscribe from task notifications
  • Better full screen compatibility with unusually-shaped movies
  • Fixed an issue where non-admins couldn't see unassigned tasks
  • Fixed an issue where folder sizes may not be recalculated correctly when deleting a file
  • The digest frequency option no longer affects the frequency of instant email alerts
  • You can no longer upload revisions / replacements for an alias
  • Volume controls no longer appear for videos without audio (currently only works on Firefox)
  • Improved the display of files with long titles
  • Users can no longer rename a folder to the name of an existing folder from the Metadata page
  • Improved Synced Session reliability
  • Thumbnails are now cached more aggressively which boosts performance upon subsequent visits to the site
  • Major architecture overhaul
  • Security improvements
  • Many UI improvements
  • Various other bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations

Kollaborate Transfer 1.4.5

  • Support for setting the new audio indicator icon on thumbnails
  • Better support for situations where the specs of a video exceed those of the H.264 profile level
  • Various speed and reliability improvements
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