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List of video / image formats supporting alpha channels

I had a request for this list, so here it is. It is a list of video and image formats that support alpha (transparency) channels.

(Note: "Unknown" means I couldn't find specific information on the maximum alpha bit depth, but it's commonly the same bit depth as the other channels in the file.)

Codec Maximum Alpha Bit-Depth
Apple Animation 8-bit
Apple ProRes 4444 16-bit
Apple ProRes 4444 XQ 16-bit
AV1 Unknown
Avid Meridien Compressed 8-bit
Avid Meridien Uncompressed 8-bit
Avid DNxHD (RGB) Unknown
Avid DNxHR (RGB) Unknown
AVIF 12-bit
Cineform 12-bit
Cineon 16-bit
DPX 16-bit
GIF 1-bit
H.265/HEVC Unknown (probably 8-bit)
JPEG XL 32-bit
Maya IFF 32-bit
OpenEXR 32-bit
PNG 16-bit
RLA 32-bit
RPF 32-bit
SGI 16-bit
SGI RAW 16-bit
Targa (TGA) 8-bit
TIFF 32-bit
WebP 8-bit
Posted by Jon Chappell on Feb 2 2008 to Compositing, Video Editing, Visual Effects