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Uninstalling the Kollaborate Adobe Panel

To uninstall the Kollaborate Adobe panel, first download Adobe's command-line ExMan tool for managing panels here.

Open a Terminal window, drag the ExMan command-line tool into it, then add the words --remove com.digitalrebellion.kollaborate after it on a Mac or /remove com.digitalrebellion.kollaborate on Windows. (Note that in the Mac download the app is located in the Contents/MacOS folder.)

The full command should look like the following:


[path to ExMan]/ExManCmd --remove com.digitalrebellion.kollaborate


[path to ExMan]/ExManCmd.exe /remove com.digitalrebellion.kollaborate

Press Enter and the plugin will be removed.

You can use ExManCmd --list all (Mac) or ExManCmd.exe /list all (Windows) to verify it was successfully removed.

(If you still see the plugin listed, try repeating the above command with remove_for_all instead of remove. This command needs admin privileges so you will need to prefix it with the word "sudo" on a Mac. On Windows you will need to press Start, type "cmd" and then choose Run as Administrator to launch a privileged command prompt.)