Pro Maintenance Tools 2.2.7

  • Corrupt Clip Finder - Fixed an issue where some files might get erroneously flagged up
  • Plugin Manager - Better support for running installer scripts that take a while or require user input
  • Updated Crash Analyzer definitions
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations


Pro Media Tools 1.8

  • Auto Transfer - Added a Checksum Validator to compare two or more drives, directories or files
  • Auto Transfer - Added a right-click option to add a mounted drive as a destination
  • Auto Transfer - Added file sizes to transfer log
  • QT Edit - Various conforming improvements
  • QT Edit - Added an option to switch off frame rate inversion when conforming, which can sometimes fix issues converting from fractional (e.g. 23.976) and integer (e.g. 25) frame rates
  • Edit Detector - Numbers in filenames are now padded
  • Video Check - Added space, JKL and arrow key shortcuts to navigate the video
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations


CinePlay 1.6

  • Playheads can be ganged either from the start of the file (this is the previous behavior) or from an arbitrary point within each file
  • Override timecode start position for a movie by going to Edit > Modify Timecode Start
  • Various tweaks to rewinding / fast forward behavior
  • Fixed an issue where the timecode of exported movies could have an incorrect start point
  • Fixed an issue where the app may not jump to markers correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the movie view may sometimes steal key presses away from textboxes
  • Various minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations


Kollaborate 3.0

  • Transcription - Transcribe files either manually or automatically with our AI transcription (beta). Correct incorrect transcriptions and click the Learn button to help Kollaborate improve transcription in future.
  • Redesigned UI with navigation bar on the left
  • New Document format displays Word, Excel, Powerpoint documents and PDFs directly in the browser and allows page-specific comments
  • Customizable file columns - Reorder, resize and hide file columns in Detail view on the Files page. You can also show additional columns like the number of comments and sort by these fields.
  • Advanced Search - More powerful searching based on combining parameters like title, description, width, transcript text, etc. Search within the current directory or across the entire project at once.
  • Image viewer - Zoom and pan across an image with more control. Draw annotations at any zoom level.
  • Version names - Give versions custom names like "Rough Cut" or "Fine Cut"
  • Comment attachments - Attach existing files to a comment or upload new files directly when creating a new comment. This is useful for directing people to specific files.
  • Three files now upload simultaneously, which should make uploading large batches faster
  • Share a folder directly from its file page
  • The page footer shows how many files / items are on a page
  • Lots of small tweaks and bug fixes


Post Haste for Windows 2.2.2

  • Fixed an issue that could cause templates to not be renamed correctly
  • Minor bug fixes and tweaks


CinePlay 1.5.7

  • Which file types will automatically open in CinePlay can now be set in the installer and also preferences
  • Fixed an issue where a black line may show to the left of certain videos
  • General bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations


Marker Import for Mac 2.2.1

  • Marker colors are now set when importing into Adobe Premiere via FCP XML
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and improvements


Marker Import for Mac 2.2

  • Improved compatibility with captions in FCPX


Kollaborate Folder Watcher 1.3.3

  • Fixed an issue where metadata may not be detected correctly
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations


Kollaborate Server Manager for Mac 1.0 B1

Please note that this is a beta intended for testing purposes and is not intended for use in a production environment.

Kollaborate Server Manager allows you to run Kollaborate Server and Kollaborate Encoder in Docker containers, which significantly simplifies setting them up.

You will need a license or trial of Kollaborate Server in order to use the software.

Note that Kollaborate Server Manager will setup the bare minimum in order to get the software up and running, so you may still need to edit configuration files according to your preferences.

Beta limitations:
* Postfix is not yet setup for sending emails
* SSL certificates are not yet setup

Important Note: the Docker container resets every time it is run. This does not affect your data, which is stored outside of the container, but it affects any operating system settings or tools that you install inside the container. We are working on ways of allowing the container to be customized in future versions.


Preference Manager 4.4.3

  • Support for backing up and restoring FCPX workspaces
  • General bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations


CinePlay 1.5.6

  • Exported H.264s now have "fast start" enabled to help them play back faster over a network
  • The frame rate of a file's timecode track now overrides its source frame rate
  • Added an Open Cloud File option to the File menu
  • Kollaborate users can no longer download files if they don't have download permissions on the project
  • Improved the reliability of movie export/conversion
  • Fixed an issue where users couldn't unregister if they had already reset their license via our site
  • Various minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations


Marker Import for Mac 2.1.11

  • Added an option to prevent whitespace being stripped from markers
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations


Kollaborate Encoder 1.3.1

Compatibility notes:
  • libav support has been removed. If you don't have ffmpeg installed please follow the steps in the installation guide to install it.
  • ImageMagick is now an optional but recommended dependency. Follow the installation guide to install it.


  • Support for sending real-time progress to Kollaborate Server 2.7.2
  • Mono audio tracks are correctly panned to stereo
  • Up to 5 logs are now kept and the encoder is better at keeping them below 5 MB
  • Fixed an issue where the queue may not process files in the correct order
  • Automatically cleans up files in the event of low disk space
  • Various tweaks to queue management
  • Various tweaks to logging and error handling


Kollaborate Server 2.7.2

Compatibility notes:
  • Kollaborate Server now requires PHP 7.2 or higher
  • libav support has been removed - to switch to ffmpeg see the installation guide
  • We have significantly modified the default page style so you may need to tweak any custom styles you have created

Server-specific features

  • Added a tool to the Tools page in the admin area to regenerate the scheduled tasks (useful if you upgrade MAMP and your PHP path changes)
  • The Installer now automatically checks if your Apache AllowOverride setting is correct
  • A message is now shown at the top of the site when a new version has been installed but the database hasn't been upgraded
  • More button style options on the Customize Colors page

Full changelog:

  • Alerts - Project titles are now mentioned in alert emails where appropriate
  • Alerts - Fixed an issue where digests would show alerts for folders moved to a user's department
  • API - Fixed an issue where workflows added during upload wouldn't execute
  • Comments - Updates dates dynamically and you can now toggle between relative / absolute
  • Comments - Show error if the user has been logged out
  • Comments - Markers are now aligned correctly to the playhead
  • Comments - Fixed an issue where the marker bar wouldn't update when removing a comment
  • Files - Inline renaming
  • Files - Sorting no longer reloads the entire page
  • Files - Creating folders and aliases no longer requires a page reload
  • Files - Departments now show size and last date and can be sorted by this information
  • Files - Added F shortcut key for favoriting files
  • Files - Searches are now continued when entering a new folder
  • Files - Support for recognizing Ogg audio/video files, MP4 ringtones and WebP images
  • Files - Added the ability to disable thumbnails on specific files from the Edit Metadata page or via an Upload Workflow
  • Files - Added Combine Versions right-click option
  • Files - Dates now update dynamically and you can toggle between relative / absolute
  • Files - Fixed an issue where revisions may be numbered incorrectly
  • Files - Fixed an issue where moving a file to another project does not recalculate storage space
  • Files - Restoring a deleted file now recalculates disk space correctly
  • Files - Fixed an issue where thumbs could be low quality on iPhone
  • Files - Fixed an issue where in certain situations the files view may be empty if files had previously been deleted
  • Files - Fixed an issue where Advanced Search may return no results for non-admins
  • Files - Fixed an issue where folder size may include the size of deleted files
  • Files - Fixed an issue where moving a file to a different project would switch projects even if "Navigate to destination folder" was switched off
  • Files - Fixed an issue where deleted files may not be sorted correctly
  • Installer - Added the ability to manually download launchd plists on Mac even when installed correctly
  • Installer - Fixed an issue where the config file couldn't be parsed
  • Login - Increased the number of attempts required to trigger account lockout
  • Login - Warn user their account may be locked out if they have too many login attempts
  • Marker importing - Fixed an issue where Resolve EDLs may not import correctly
  • MFA - Support for copying a text string instead of scanning the QR code
  • Player - Real-time encoding progress (requires Kollaborate Encoder 1.3.1)
  • Player - Audio files now have a visible playhead over the waveform
  • Player - Prevented link users from entering empty usernames
  • Player - Fixed an issue where the left/right arrows in the player may try to navigate you to a file that has been deleted
  • Player - Fixed an issue where the wrong avatar could show for custom uploaders
  • Projects - Fixed an issue where projects couldn't be unarchived
  • Projects - Don't show deleted files or aliases when showing project file count
  • Quick Look - Improved the UI of folder previews - scroll to see files in the folder, click on a file to view it in the player
  • Share - Share link summary page now includes the password if specified
  • Share - Moved buttons to create new links to a New dropdown menu
  • Tasks - Tasks can now be imported from a CSV file
  • Tasks - Fixed an issue where task import page could be blank
  • Thumbs - Fixed an issue where manual time position may not be set correctly
  • UI - New shaded button style
  • UI - Changed avatar style and added new avatar colors
  • UI - File titles now dynamically shrink if the filename is long
  • UI - Login page now has centered content look
  • UI - Improved folder path naming on links
  • UI - File thumbs are now center-aligned on mobile
  • UI - Link pages now show your company logo more prominently
  • UI - Improved the display of alerts in the alert dropdown
  • UI - Increased spacing in thumbnail view
  • UI - Don't show hoverthumbs on mobile
  • UI - Fixed an issue where the player page footer would display on links
  • UI - Fixed an issue where the hoverscrub popup wouldn't display correctly
  • UI - Fixed an issue where deleted projects could appear in the Projects dropdown
  • UI - Fixed an issue where checkmarks in menus were not highlighted when hovering the mouse over them
  • UI - Fixed an issue where the triangle icon in the path bar could appear too big in some browsers
  • Workflows - Fixed an issue where some users would receive emails asking them to review files they did not have permission to access
  • Workflows - Fixed an issue where file expiration dates could be extended after editing a file workflow
  • Workflows - Fixed an issue where links shared from a workflow may not be emailed
  • Overhaul of browser sessions with a greater focus on security
  • Various minor fixes, tweaks and optimizations


CinePlay for iOS 1.7.2

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a "Cannot Complete Action" message to appear when launching certain Kollaborate videos.


CinePlay 1.5.5

  • Ganged Playheads - General overhaul with improved accuracy
  • Ganged Playheads - Windows now say "(Ganged)" to make it more obvious when Ganged Playheads is active
  • Ganged Playheads - Windows automatically tile to fit on the screen when entering gang mode
  • Added a menu option to manually tile windows to fit the screen
  • You can now open multiple files at once from the Open dialog
  • Several UI tweaks including new colors for audio waveforms and the in/out range now appears in blue on the timeline
  • Various minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations


Pro Media Tools 1.7.3

  • Auto Transfer - Added an option to disable transfer logs
  • Auto Transfer now displays a message to alert you when one or more destinations are offline instead of the transfer just failing
  • Auto Transfer - Fixed a crash that could occur when writing to the transfer log after a file transfer has failed
  • Batch Renamer - When renumbering an image sequence, the number padding of the first file is now applied to all files
  • QT Edit - New Quick Tasks: Disable all video tracks except track 1, Remove all video tracks except track 1, Disable all audio tracks, Remove all chapters.
  • QT Edit - Fixed an issue where audio sample rates in the Info pane could be incorrect
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the Open dialog launching when an app starts up
  • Various minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations


Marker Import for Mac 2.1.10

  • Fixed an issue where the Open dialog may fail to show at startup
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations


Kollaborate Plugin Pack 1.1.4

  • Support for setting File Workflows when uploading
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations