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Pro Maintenance Tools 2.2.6 - Downgrade Adobe Premiere projects and run scripts inside plugin installers

We recently released Pro Maintenance Tools 2.2.6 with some great new features.

Downgrade Adobe Premiere projects

Project Repair can now downgrade Adobe Premiere projects so they can be opened in earlier versions of Premiere. After downgrading the project, Premiere will report that it was saved in an earlier version and asks you to save a copy. After doing this, the project will now be openable by Premiere.

If you use Premiere features not supported in earlier versions they will of course not work in the earlier version, so be aware of this as Adobe has recently made major changes to features like the titler.

Run scripts inside plugin installers

Plugin Manager can create installers for plugins. This is not just useful for plugin developers to distribute their plugins but can also be an easy way of backing up your plugins or moving them to another computer.

You can now run scripts both before and after installing the files in order to perform additional tasks like running a licensing step, copying or moving files or launching a web page. You can run Applescripts, Bash scripts or Swift scripts (note that some Swift scripts may not work on earlier versions of macOS). The scripts must return 0 otherwise Plugin Manager will abort the installation, which is useful in situations where you want to stop installation if a license or security check fails.

Pro Maintenance Tools is an invaluable toolset to help working video professionals get up and running again quickly in the event of a problem. To find out more, see the feature overview, read the user manual, watch the overview video or download the free 15-day trial.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Sep 18 2018 to DR News, Front Page News, Pro Maintenance Tools