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CinePlay 1.3 for Mac - audio waveforms, scrubbing and BWF timecode

We've just launched CinePlay 1.3 for Mac, a major new update to our professional media player.

Audio waveforms

CinePlay now dynamically displays waveforms for locally-stored audio files.

Audio scrubbing

Hear the current audio sample under the playhead as you drag it or navigate with the keyboard shortcuts. This can be disabled in preferences if desired.

Several timecode tweaks

  • Timecode is now detected in WAV audio files with BWF headers
  • Set the default timecode frame rate / format for audio files in preferences. Audio files are measured in samples, not frames, so setting this parameter manually allows you to match markers with the audio file when imported into your NLE.
  • Changes to how drop-frame timecode is calculated, which fixes a couple of edge-cases where it was incorrect.

Other changes

  • Markers can be exported to DVD Studio Pro chapter lists
  • Overlay windows are now hidden when full screen or switching to another movie
  • Full screen playback UI no longer auto-hides if the mouse is hovering over it
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the UI to not appear in full screen
  • Improved playback performance

CinePlay is a powerful playback and note-taking tool for video professionals. To find out more, see the feature list, read the user manual, watch the overview video or download the free 15-day trial. Kollaborate customers get cloud functionality in CinePlay free of charge.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Nov 19 2015 to Front Page News, DR News, CinePlay