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Kollaborate Server 3.6.1 - Copy direct links to comments, import markers from CSV and more

We've just released Kollaborate Server 3.6.1, a minor update to our self-hosted file sharing and workflow management system.

Server-Specific Changes

  • Hardened default security settings
  • The default installer password has been changed (only affects new installations)
  • Admin Dashboard - An encoding job is now considered unassigned if the server has been removed or is offline
  • Admin - Number of available encoding licenses is now shown on Servers page

Other Changes

  • Player - All admins can now remove original files / proxies, not just the file's owner
  • Comments - Right-click a comment and choose Copy Direct Link to copy a direct link to that comment. To send to someone outside the project, create a shared link as normal, then visit that link and copy the comment link from the player.
  • Comments - Markers can now be imported from a CSV file (Timecode, Author, Comment format)
  • Player - The maximum height of a vertical video is now dependent upon your screen size, to ensure it's always visible
  • Files - Even though it is valid for a URL to contain an exclamation mark, some email apps interpret it as punctuation and mangle pasted folder URLs. This has now been prevented.
  • Sharing - The default link name is now the title of the file
  • Tasks - Various fixes for importing tasks from a CSV file
  • Password Reset - Fixed an incompatibility with users with special characters in their email addresses
  • Sharing - Fixed an issue where share link connection could be lost when an error appears on the screen
  • Encoding Servers - Follow redirects when communicating with servers
  • Files - More robust support for getting a file's frame rate
  • Player - Ensured download info box is still visible on small size videos
  • Various small bug fixes, optimizations and code modernizations

Kollaborate is an essential cloud workflow platform that allows you to share files with clients and team members while integrating with Digital Rebellion apps and services. Kollaborate Server allows you to host the platform in-house on your own servers and storage. To find out more, see the Kollaborate Server overview or register for the free cloud trial (Server trials are available on request).

Posted by Jon Chappell on May 19 2022 to Kollaborate, DR News, Front Page News