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CinePlay 1.2 for Mac - image sequences, annotations, host Kollaborate Synced Sessions

CinePlay 1.2 is a major update to our Mac-based media player for video professionals.

Image sequence support

You can now play back image sequences stored in TIFF, BMP, PNG and JPEG formats. CinePlay caches intelligently so it works well even with very long sequences.


Illustrate your comments by drawing over a video frame. Annotations are supported for both Kollaborate and locally-stored videos. Changing the color of the marker also changes the pen color to match.

Note: This feature is not yet supported by Kollaborate Server. It will be added in the next server update.

Host Kollaborate Synced Sessions

CinePlay has been able to join Synced Sessions for a while but can now host them too. You can create Synced Sessions and invite users directly within the app and can use the Kollaborate Browser to switch between files.

Synced Sessions allow you to control playback on colleagues' computers and direct them to parts of the movie you want them to see.

Kollaborate caching

CinePlay can now cache cloud files locally in situations where the user is on a slow internet connection. This is an option you must initiate manually by going to Cloud > Cache Current File. This downloads the file to your computer for fast scrubbing and playback but interacts with it as if it were stored on the cloud.

This is a useful option during a Synced Session when different users are on connections of different speeds.

Kollaborate approval

Kollaborate files marked as Needs Approval can now be approved or rejected, along with an optional comment, directly within CinePlay.

Additionally, the Kollaborate Browser now indicates the status of a file under the filename.

Major architecture overhaul

We've re-engineered the playback code within the app to be more modular. This potentially allows us to easily slot in additional formats that are not compatible with AV Foundation and this is something that we will explore in future updates.

Other changes

  • Metadata is now shown in the Info dialog
  • Remote files can be downloaded
  • Activity window allows you to queue up encoding or downloading tasks for a file
  • Kollaborate features have been moved to the Cloud menu
  • Hover over timeline to show timecode
  • Option to make full screen UI show constantly
  • Pause on marker option

CinePlay is an invaluable addition to any video professional's toolkit. To find out more, check the feature list, read the user manual, watch the overview video or download the free 15-day trial.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Feb 26 2015 to DR News, Front Page News, Utilities