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Kollaborate Server 1.3 - admin area overhaul, comment and task improvements

Kollaborate Server 1.3 is a major update to our workflow platform for video professionals. This is a local in-house version of the update that already made its way to the cloud.

Admin Area improvements

We've made lots of changes to the Admin Area. As well as many improvements to the UI, we've also added the ability for superadmins to promote or demote users to site admin status. (Site admins can view every project on the server and automatically have admin access to them.)

It is now no longer possible to delete user accounts. The reason for this is that some users did not realize it was not possible to delete a user and have everything they created (projects, comments, uploads, etc) remain on the site. To make this clearer, users can now be deactivated instead. This changes their name to "Deactivated User" and frees up their email address to be re-registered if necessary, while keeping their old account around so that their projects, comments and uploads will still be available.

Kollaborate Server 1.3 also has the main features of the cloud update including:

Comment overhaul

We've completely overhauled the comment system to improve performance and provide timeline markers below the video (you can switch this off in the new Playback Settings dialog accessible from the Actions menu). You can click on a marker to highlight it in the Comments pane.

Comments are now sortable by timecode or date (making it easy to see what's new) and can be filtered by color, author, type or matching text. The export dialog also lets you filter by author and you can even restrict exported notes to Favorites only, thus making it easy to build up a select list of comments to send to someone.

Task overhaul

We've also overhauled the Tasks section with a much simpler UI. We now show all tasks in the same list and you can sort and filter them to find the information you need. Tasks are now color-coded, with overdue tasks appearing red, tasks due in the next week appearing orange and high priority tasks appearing blue.

It's now much easier to manage tasks and task status and priority can be batch modified directly from the Tasks page.


The Viewers section below the player shows lists of which users have and haven't viewed the file. Any users that haven't viewed it can be nudged, which sends them an email alert reminding them to view it. You can also click the bell icon to be alerted when they view it for the first time (this is a redesign of the old Receipts feature).

Kollaborate is a cloud workflow platform designed to help you work better with colleagues and clients. Upload files to the cloud, have them reviewed by others and then export their notes back to your editing application. Kollaborate Server gives you all of those features in-house on your own servers and storage. To find out more, view the feature list or sign up for the free no-obligation 15-day cloud trial (no credit card needed).

Posted by Jon Chappell on Jan 28 2015 to Kollaborate, Front Page News, DR News