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Recent updates - October 2020

In case you missed it, here are some recent software updates for our products.

Kollaborate Server 3.1 - Oct 7 2020

Docker changes

  • The installer and upgrader scripts now ask for a password to improve security. You can view / modify this password from the config.env file.
  • The database is now inaccessible to the host system by default. If you need to manually edit the database in a tool like Sequel Pro, uncomment the "ports" section of the database service in docker-compose.yml.
  • Increased proxy timeouts to prevent timeouts occurring during long-running operations

Server-specific changes

  • You can now specify a database port other than MySQL's default of 3306
  • Default roles can be edited by site or super admins
  • More descriptive error messages if a non-admin tries to log into the Admin Area
  • The installer and troubleshooter now check the SQL mode is not set to strict
  • Support for passwords for the installer / upgrader. Manual installations should set the environment variable KOLLAB_INSTALLER_PASSWORD to activate this setting; this is already taken care of for Docker installations.

Other changes

  • Massive under-the-hood overhaul
  • Folder downloading
  • Heatmaps - show where people skipped ahead and where they watched more than once
  • QuickShare - faster sharing of links
  • Task tags
  • Custom Roles per project
  • Keyboard shortcut overhaul - click the Keyboard icon at the bottom left of the screen to discover available keyboard shortcuts
  • Import / export metadata from CSV files
  • Pin important tasks to the top of the Tasks view
  • Improved icons and UI tweaks
  • You can now add captions in languages other than English
  • Fixed an issue where zooming might not work on PDFs
  • Uploads - Improvements to estimated time calculations
  • UI - Fixed checkboxes looking strange in Safari
  • Files - Fixed an issue where documents and compressed files could not be dragged and dropped
  • PDFs - Mouse wheel / keyboard shortcuts for zooming and page navigation
  • Images - Zoom in / out shortcut keys
  • Documents - You can now specify the page number in the player URL by appending "&page=x"
  • Annotations - Increased line width for large images
  • Projects - Support for specifying a project's language and having the player default to transcriptions for that language
  • Thumbnails - Fixed an issue where thumbnails may not delete on Kollaborate Server
  • Projects - Fixed an issue where deleting a project would not delete the project's directory on the storage drive
  • API - Fixed an issue where it wouldn't automatically create a project folder the first time a file is uploaded by the API
  • UI - Fixed file titles being too short on mobile
  • Lots of minor tweaks and bug fixes

Upgrading from a previous version

Please see the Upgrading section of the installation guide for instructions on how to upgrade your existing installation.

Kollaborate Premiere Panel for Windows 1.0.4 - Oct 6 2020

  • Improved compatibility with Adobe Premiere Pro 14.4
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and improvements

Kollaborate Premiere Panel for Mac 1.0.4 - Oct 6 2020

  • Improved compatibility with Adobe Premiere Pro 14.4
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and improvements

Kollaborate Plugin Pack 1.1.5 - Sep 9 2020

  • Improved compatibility with macOS 10.15
  • Various small tweaks and fixes
Posted by Jon Chappell on Oct 7 2020 to DR News