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Recent updates - October 2018

In case you missed it, here are some recent software updates for our products.

Kollaborate 2.7.1 - Oct 3 2018

  • Admins can now restore deleted files and projects for up to 14 days
  • Set file expiration dates. Files will be deleted after the date expires but can be restored by an admin for up to 14 days
  • View comments in a printable view with thumbnails
  • Linked accounts can now optionally access all projects created by the subscriber
  • New Share option: Force users to download - This forces the user to download the file instead of playing it in the browser.
  • New Share option: Automatically relink to latest version - This makes Kollaborate always display the latest version of a file even if the link was created for an earlier version.
  • Share - When emailing a link, you can now choose to send the password in a separate email
  • New Upload Workflow action: Don't combine versions - Ensures the file is always independent and not part of a version stack
  • New Upload Workflow action: Remove original file after conversion - This automatically deletes the original file after it has been converted by our encoding servers and replaces it with the highest-quality proxy
  • New File Workflow action: Set file expiration date - Modifies the file's expiration date
  • Improved Adobe panel UI
  • Disable Alerts has been renamed to Incognito Mode to make its function more obvious
  • Folders and departments now show a blue circle icon if they contain unviewed files
  • No more black thumbnails - Kollaborate now rejects black frames or frames with little information (like slates) so that thumbnails are more representative
  • Storage space now updates dynamically in the bottom right corner when uploading or deleting files
  • Views and downloads are now logged on a per-user basis and shown in the Users tab of the player
  • Quick Look shows the name of the file at the top
  • Quick Look automatically switches to the selected file when user selects a new file with the mouse and closes when files are deselected
  • Quick Look - Added a button to open file in player
  • Subscribers can change ownership of a project to themselves if it is owned by another user linked to their subscription
  • Files - You can now see whether a file has been favorited without needing to hover over it
  • Files - Improved resizing of the file table on smaller screens
  • Files - Added a button to clear the current search
  • Files - You can now choose to go back to the source folder when moving files instead of being taken to the destination
  • Player - Individual views / downloads are now visible in the History tab
  • Tightened permissions so that non-admins cannot move others' files and you now need upload permissions in order to create a folder.
  • Many other bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations

Post Haste for Mac 2.6.4 - Sep 14 2018

  • Fixed an issue where color coding may not work correctly
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations

Pro Maintenance Tools 2.2.6 - Sep 7 2018

  • Project Repair - Adobe Premiere projects can now be downgraded to open in earlier versions
  • Plugin Manager - Support for running scripts inside plugin installers both pre- and post-installation
  • Fixed an issue where some apps may not show the Open dialog at startup
  • Updated Crash Analyzer definitions
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations
Posted by Jon Chappell on Oct 7 2018 to DR News