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Recent updates - August 2019

In case you missed it, here are some recent software updates for our products.

Pro Media Tools 1.8 - Jul 30 2019

  • Auto Transfer - Added a Checksum Validator to compare two or more drives, directories or files
  • Auto Transfer - Added a right-click option to add a mounted drive as a destination
  • Auto Transfer - Added file sizes to transfer log
  • QT Edit - Various conforming improvements
  • QT Edit - Added an option to switch off frame rate inversion when conforming, which can sometimes fix issues converting from fractional (e.g. 23.976) and integer (e.g. 25) frame rates
  • Edit Detector - Numbers in filenames are now padded
  • Video Check - Added space, JKL and arrow key shortcuts to navigate the video
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations

CinePlay 1.6 - Jul 23 2019

  • Playheads can be ganged either from the start of the file (this is the previous behavior) or from an arbitrary point within each file
  • Override timecode start position for a movie by going to Edit > Modify Timecode Start
  • Various tweaks to rewinding / fast forward behavior
  • Fixed an issue where the timecode of exported movies could have an incorrect start point
  • Fixed an issue where the app may not jump to markers correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the movie view may sometimes steal key presses away from textboxes
  • Various minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations

Kollaborate 3.0 - Jul 11 2019

  • Transcription - Transcribe files either manually or automatically with our AI transcription (beta). Correct incorrect transcriptions and click the Learn button to help Kollaborate improve transcription in future.
  • Redesigned UI with navigation bar on the left
  • New Document format displays Word, Excel, Powerpoint documents and PDFs directly in the browser and allows page-specific comments
  • Customizable file columns - Reorder, resize and hide file columns in Detail view on the Files page. You can also show additional columns like the number of comments and sort by these fields.
  • Advanced Search - More powerful searching based on combining parameters like title, description, width, transcript text, etc. Search within the current directory or across the entire project at once.
  • Image viewer - Zoom and pan across an image with more control. Draw annotations at any zoom level.
  • Version names - Give versions custom names like "Rough Cut" or "Fine Cut"
  • Comment attachments - Attach existing files to a comment or upload new files directly when creating a new comment. This is useful for directing people to specific files.
  • Three files now upload simultaneously, which should make uploading large batches faster
  • Share a folder directly from its file page
  • The page footer shows how many files / items are on a page
  • Lots of small tweaks and bug fixes
Posted by Jon Chappell on Aug 7 2019 to DR News