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Pro Maintenance Tools 2.0.1 released - Avid AVX2 support, new System Toolkit options and more

Last week we released Pro Maintenance Tools 2.0.1, which adds several new features to our suite of tools for maintaining and optimizing your editing system.

System Toolkit has several new additions to make Lion behave more like Snow Leopard. You can disable window launch animations, prevent Lion restoring windows when relaunching apps, re-enable key repeating, disable automatic spellcheck and restore the old keyboard shortcuts for open and save dialogs.

You can also easily show or hide the current user's Library folder with a single click, which can be useful even if you have not yet upgraded to Lion.

Other new features include support for Avid AVX2 plugins in Plugin Manager and extra Housekeeper tasks. There are many new bug fixes too, including several for Pro Admin. The full list of changes is here.

Pro Maintenance Tools is an essential toolkit for editors and post production professionals on the Mac. Download the 15-day trial today to see how it can simplify troubleshooting and maintaining your system.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Aug 31 2011 to DR News, Front Page News, Utilities