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Post Haste now supports variables in parameter values

In Post Haste for Mac 2.8.3 / Post Haste for Windows 2.4.3, variables can now be entered into parameter values on the New Project page, as well as default values and prefixes / suffixes in the Parameters pane of Preferences

Variables allow you to take the value of a parameter and use that value as part of the path. To do this, surround the name of the parameter in square brackets, for example [client]. (Capitalization is not important but spacing is.)

Extending variable support to parameter values and prefixes / suffixes allows you to create more complex naming conventions with repeating values, without having to enter redundant information. For example, you could add "[project number]-" as a prefix to all other parameters so that every subfolder in the path contains the project number.

Post Haste is a free app for Mac and PC that makes it easy to create new projects from templated folder structures. To find out more, check out the feature list, read the user manual or download the app for Mac or PC.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Mar 8 2024 to DR News, Front Page News, Post Haste