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Kollaborate storage boost and higher-resolution beta

Yesterday we boosted the storage space for all of our Kollaborate subscribers completely free of charge. The Freelance package now offers 15 GB instead of 12 GB and we've boosted all of the packages up to Network Plus, which jumps from 500 GB to 600 GB. These changes have been activated for all new and existing subscribers with no action required from users.

We also unveiled a beta version of Kollaborate Transfer 1.3. This update encodes files to a higher resolution, resulting in improved visual quality when viewed full screen on a large display. This will eventually become the default resolution on the site but we're releasing the beta to get customer feedback and fine-tune the encoding profile. Please use the Feedback link on the site if you have any questions or comments.

Once we've determined that this works well, we will make it opt-in for our other apps and the cloud encoder, before rolling it out for everyone by default.

Please also note that we will soon be making changes that will cause older versions of our apps to become inoperable. We will give plenty of warning before this occurs but we strongly recommend that all users remain on the very latest versions of our apps for best compatibility with Kollaborate.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Apr 1 2015 to DR News, Front Page News, Kollaborate