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Recent updates - August 2023

In case you missed it, here are some recent software updates for our products.

Kollaborate Server 3.7 B4 - Jul 15 2023

This is a pre-release version of Kollaborate Server 3.7.

Please see Beta 1 for a full list of changes from 3.6.x.

Be aware that we're now using MariaDB instead of MySQL and that the Docker image is configured to convert the database to your MariaDB version automatically. As such, we would recommend backing up the database before upgrading as you may be unable to downgrade otherwise.

Changes in this version:

  • Major overhaul and modernization of workflows
  • Admin - Dashboard page now shows the current license type
  • Admin - Added the ability to rebuild folder structures from the Tools page. This is helpful if a move operation is interrupted and things get out of sync.
  • Files - Added Open in New Tab to context menu
  • Player - Added an option to the Actions menu to regenerate file metadata (frame rate, resolution, etc)
  • Player - Hovering over the encoding icon now shows the file's current position in the queue
  • Better support for extremely long filenames
  • Upgraded the OAuth library, which should fix the issues a couple of users were having uploading with Kollaborate Transfer
  • Adobe Panel - Fixed an exception that could occur if the file contains comments from a link recipient
  • Player - Fixed an issue where accessing a file inside a shared folder could fail
  • Better support for light color schemes
  • Various minor UI tweaks
  • Various code modernizations and overhauls
Posted by Jon Chappell on Aug 7 2023 to DR News