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Recent updates - December 2023

In case you missed it, here are some recent software updates for our products.

Post Haste for Mac 2.8.2 - Nov 24 2023

  • Fixed an issue where Kiosk Mode might not be able to be switched off on macOS Sonoma
  • Fixed an issue where color-coding might not be respected when creating a project from a template

Kollaborate Server 3.7 - Nov 20 2023

Kollaborate Server 3.7 is a major update with thousands of code changes, mainly on the backend, to modernize and improve reliability. It also contains many new features and quality-of-life improvements.

Important: We're now using MariaDB instead of MySQL and the Docker image is configured to convert the database to your MariaDB version automatically. As such, we would recommend backing up the database before upgrading to any version as you may be unable to downgrade otherwise. You can download the current database as a .sql file from the Tools section of the Admin Area. We recommend doing this before copying the newer version's files over.

Major Changes:

  • PHP 8.1 support
  • MySQL has been replaced with MariaDB, which improves performance
  • Deleting a file now moves it to the Trash, which can be accessed at the bottom of the screen. Project admins can restore or empty the trash, otherwise those files will be removed automatically after 30 days.
  • Major backend overhauls to file handling, workflows, versions and tasks
  • Numerous UI improvements including new user interface controls for entering timecode, copying links and displaying thumbnails
  • UI styling has been overhauled and you may therefore need to regenerate the style from the Admin Area
  • The App Storage feature has been removed
  • The long-deprecated Python scripting feature has been removed
  • Many color and theming changes, including better support for light color schemes. Note that you may need to rebuild your custom style from the Admin Area for it to display correctly in the new version.
  • Admins can view stats for a user, including the projects they are part of, how many files they have uploaded, etc
  • Users can be suspended, preventing them from logging in, but making sure their projects, files, commments, etc, are intact
  • When importing comments, you can now map timecode, author and comment to specific columns within a CSV, as well as getting the author name from the file if the format supports it
  • You can now require the user to have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) activated before they can access a project. Edit a project to switch this option on.
  • Project titles must now be unique when creating a new project
  • Support for importing and exporting comments as TSV (Tab-Separated Values)
  • Link recipients can now view (but not edit) captions

Minor Changes:

  • History can be filtered and exported to a CSV file
  • Many improvements to the reliability of the installer
  • Admin - Dashboard page now shows the current license type
  • Admin - Added the ability to rebuild folder structures from the Tools page. This is helpful if a move operation is interrupted and things get out of sync.
  • Files - Added Open in New Tab to context menu
  • Player - Added an option to the Actions menu to regenerate file metadata (frame rate, resolution, etc)
  • Player - Hovering over the encoding icon now shows the file's current position in the queue
  • Admin - When adding a user, their last name is now optional
  • Admin - My Private Files can now be disabled from the Configure page of the admin area
  • Comments - Project admins can now delete all comments for a file from the player page
  • Share - Show all links for a particular file by clicking the file name on the Share page. Ctrl-click (or Cmd-click on Mac) to launch the player for the file
  • Tasks - Show all tasks for a particular file by clicking the file name on the Tasks page. Ctrl-click (or Cmd-click on Mac) to launch the player for the file
  • Player - Don't show the "file needs converting" banner unnecessarily
  • Quick Share - Improved UI if sharing fails
  • Sharing - Links can now be deleted as a batch
  • Captions - Support for relative / absolute caption timings when importing from a file
  • Search - Additional file type options are available in Advanced Search: Folder, Comment Stream, Compressed Archive
  • Admin - Added an option for alternate page text color to custom colors page
  • UI - Navigation bar adjusts more intelligently to the page you're currently viewing
  • Admin - Admin authorization now times out after 30 mins of inactivity instead of when accessing a non-admin section of the site
  • Users - Tasks the user is assigned to are now unassigned when deleting a user
  • Users - The last selected role is remembered when adding new users
  • Player - Show the file title when hovering over truncated titles
  • Files - Fixed an issue where comment exports to Reaper may produce the wrong type of file

Bug Fixes:

  • Files - Fixed an issue where resize handles wouldn't appear on table headers
  • Login - Fixed an issue where the captcha wouldn't work correctly
  • Workflows - Fixed an issue where saving a workflow could incorrectly require an admin login
  • Projects - Fixed an issue where it would interpret a search such as "5.0" as a number and match every instance of the number "5" instead of interpreting the search literally
  • Better support for extremely long filenames
  • Adobe Panel - Fixed an exception that could occur if the file contains comments from a link recipient
  • Admin - Fixed an issue where default strings in database dumps would be incorrectly quoted
  • Files - Fixed an issue where departments wouldn't show a value in the Date column
  • Player - Fixed a layout issue if comments are disabled but the file needs approval
  • Users - Fixed an issue where a user could be added to the wrong project if another one was loaded in a different tab
  • Comments - Fixed an issue where uploading a file with a comment wouldn't work correctly
  • User Importing - Fixed an error if a user already exists in the project
  • Projects - Fixed an issue that could prevent users from importing folders from another project when creating a new one
  • Files - Fixed an issue where the workflow dropdown icon could be cut off if the workflow name is long
  • API - Fixed an issue where apps would be unable to get the current user's name
  • Folder Downloading - Better error handling if the user lacks permissions
Posted by Jon Chappell on Dec 7 2023 to DR News