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Kollaborate 1.1.1 released with link expiration and notification overhaul

Today we launched Kollaborate 1.1.1 onto the cloud, featuring many tweaks and improvements to the site.

Link expiration

Shared links can now be set to automatically expire after a certain time period, allowing you to limit access to a file to prevent abuse. This feature is optional and you can still create permanent links as before if you wish.

Notification overhaul

Site navigation has been streamlined and the Dashboard page is gone. In its place we are now showing alerts on a per-page basis. In the Files section we also provide a list of which files are new or have changes, making it much more intuitive to get up to speed on what's new within a project.

Additionally, we have added unsubscription links to the automatic emails sent out by the site, making it easy for less technical users to limit the notifications they receive without needing to login to their profile.

Project changes

We've made many small changes to the Projects section of the site. Projects are now either Active or Archived and a project that is completed can still be listed as active if you wish.

Managing lots of projects is simpler because the last time you accessed the project is now logged, pushing the most recent projects to the top of the list by default to make them easier to find.

Additionally, it is now possible for a user invited by someone else to a project to leave that project.

App improvements

We're working to make our helper tools more consistent with the features of the web interface and apps like CinePlay now contribute to view counts and trigger viewing receipts.

Other changes

  • Combining comments by timecode is more intelligent about attributing replies to their original author
  • Secure passwords are now enforced for new users and existing ones who change their password
  • Overhaul the password reset feature
  • Private projects no longer show users counts on the Projects page
  • When "Do not display contact information" is set for a project, it will still show your own information to you
  • Fixed an issue where emails sent by apps may not be subject to email filtering preferences
  • Simpified the comment box
  • Auto-pause is now on by default
  • Many many UI tweaks

Kollaborate Transfer 1.1

We also launched Kollaborate Transfer 1.1, a major new update to our free encoding and uploading tool. This features significantly faster encoding speeds for H.264 and ProRes source media, along with the option to embed a watermark image in the file.

Kollaborate is a cloud workflow platform that brings Digital Rebellion apps together to help you work better with your team. To find out more read the feature list or sign up for the free 15-day trial (no credit card needed).

Posted by Jon Chappell on Jun 9 2014 to Kollaborate, DR News, Front Page News