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CinePlay 1.5.3 for Mac - marker color shortcuts, trackpad seeking and more

CinePlay 1.5.3 offers some great new additions to our Mac media player aimed at video professionals.

Marker color shortcut keys

You can now use Shift in combination with a number key to add a marker of a specific color.

Additionally, the last marker color chosen is now remembered when adding a new marker, making it quicker to add colored markers to a video.

Trackpad seeking

Scrolling left and right on your trackpad will now seek within a file, as will adjusting the scroll wheel horizontally for those using a mouse.

 Improved default filenames

When exporting between in and out points, CinePlay will now include the range of the in and out points as part of the filename, making it easier to export multiple parts of a movie quickly without having to keep renaming the default filename. It will even take into account your timecode display settings (timecode, elapsed time or frames) when showing the range.

Other changes

  • Exported still frames now show the frame position in the timecode format you selected in the View menu (timecode, elapsed time or frames)
  • The Markers window now scrolls and selects the new marker when you add one from the player
  • CinePlay now remembers the last-chosen still image format
  • Improved the visibility of black markers in the timeline
  • Fixed an issue where the marker edit popup may still appear even if you hold down Shift to suppress it
  • Fixed an issue that could cause TIFFs to be exported incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where annotations would refuse to save
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and improvements

CinePlay is a powerful playback and note-taking tool for video professionals. To find out more, see the feature list, read the user manual, watch the overview video or download the free 15-day trial. Kollaborate customers get cloud functionality in CinePlay free of charge.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Jul 31 2018 to CinePlay, DR News, Front Page News