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CinePlay 1.4 for Mac - OS X 10.11 Split View, remembers window sizes and in and out points

CinePlay 1.4 is a major update to our Mac media player for video professionals.

OS X 10.11 Split View support

CinePlay is now compatible with the Split View feature of El Capitan. This allows you to hold down the mouse on the green full-screen icon and position two windows side-by-side.

This is extremely useful when using the Ganged Playheads feature to synchronize two movies and play them side-by-side.

New Kollaborate authentication API

This version is the first to support our new Kollaborate authentication API in a stable release (we have betas available for our other apps).

This is a completely new way of connecting your account to our service, which offers more security and flexibility.  Your old logins should be detected automatically so you don't need to take any action with the new version.

Movie preferences remembered

CinePlay will now remember window settings on a per-movie basis. So if you prefer a particular movie to always open filling the screen, this preference will be respected.

Any in and out points you set will also be remembered upon relaunching the app.

Other Changes

  • Added 2:1 and 2.39:1 aspect ratio masks
  • Markers now reorder themselves chronologically in the Markers window when you change their timecode
  • Fixed several issues where modifying a marker in the player would not immediately update the Markers window and vice versa
  • Additional minor bug fixes, tweaks and improvements

CinePlay is a powerful playback and note-taking tool for video professionals. To find out more, see the feature list, read the user manual, watch the overview video or download the free 15-day trial. Kollaborate customers get cloud functionality in CinePlay free of charge.

Posted by Jon Chappell on May 27 2016 to DR News, Front Page News, CinePlay