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Announcing Preference Manager 4 - cloud backups, Pro Tools support and more

We're pleased to announce the launch of Preference Manager 4.0. This is a major new update to our free app for managing preferences for your editing system.

Cloud backups

Preference Manager is now integrated with Kollaborate to store backups in the cloud. This provides redundancy and allows preferences to be easily transferred to another computer.

When creating a backup you'll now be asked if you want to create a local backup, a cloud backup or both. Cloud backups will be uploaded to Kollaborate and you'll be able to access the backup on any other computer by logging into your Kollaborate account in the Preferences window. It even supports Kollaborate Server for companies that need complete control over their data.

Improved Adobe support

As well as adding support for Adobe Creative Cloud, applications are now organized into suites where appropriate. Unlike previous versions of Preference Manager, multiple copies of Adobe Creative Suite will now appear as individual options for trashing, backing up or restoring. This allows you to trash preferences for the version of Premiere you are using without having to trash them for every copy of Premiere on your computer.

We're also now supporting Adobe Audition, Encore, Media Encoder and Prelude.

Pro Tools support

Preference Manager now supports Pro Tools 9.0 and higher.

Improved project handling

The project handling feature designates Preference Manager as the default application for launching project files from the Finder. This allows you to link a backup to a project so that it is restored before the project is loaded.

This was previously limited to Final Cut Studio only but we have now expanded it to Adobe projects and Pro Tools sessions.

This is just an overview of the changes - you can see the full list here.

Preference Manager is a popular and essential tool for troubleshooting and managing your user settings. Download it free today.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Jul 10 2013 to DR News, Front Page News, Utilities