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2016 - Year in Review

Another year is over so let’s look back on the past 12 months.

Notable updates

We launched a new online store.

Kollaborate 2.0 - We significantly enhanced our cloud workflow platform with hoverscrub thumbnails, folder peeking, to-do comments, an Adobe Premiere panel, Web Hooks and numerous other improvements. 

Pro Maintenance Tools 2.2 - Our suite of maintenance and repair tools gained improved support for Avid and the ability to manage Quartz Composer plugins for FCPX.

Pro Media Tools 1.4.5 - Our suite of media management tools received support for importing timecode from BWF files plus many improvements to QT Edit’s conform mode.

CinePlay 1.4.2 for Mac - Our professional media player gained thumbnail hover previews plus various improvements to timecode accuracy.

Cut Notes 2.4.4 - Our iPad note-taking tool received multi-line and dynamically-sized button labels plus various cloud improvements.

In total we released over 60 updates for our products.


Our most-downloaded app was Preference Manager but our most-used app was Post Haste. Our most popular paid tool was Pro Maintenance Tools. Our most popular iOS app was Video Space Calculator. The number of daily Kollaborate users doubled.

The most popular blog posts in 2016 were:

What’s next

This year we are planning to release at least one new product alongside major updates to Kollaborate coming in the next few weeks. We are planning significant overhauls of our desktop and mobile products to not only add new features but also make them cross-platform, and we will try to release as many of these major updates as we have time for in a year. You can keep up to date with new products, features and tips by subscribing to this blog, following us on Twitter or Facebook or by subscribing to our mailing list.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Jan 2 2017 to DR News, Front Page News