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CinePlay 1.4.2 for Mac - thumbnail hover preview plus various fixes

CinePlay for Mac was just updated to version 1.4.2.

Thumbnail hover preview

When hovering over the timeline, you now see a thumbnail preview of the video under the mouse cursor. This is a useful way of quickly scrubbing through a video or finding the exact position to skip to. If desired, this can be switched off from the Preferences window.

Note that this currently only works for video files locally stored on your hard drive. It does not yet work with Kollaborate cloud videos but this will be coming soon.

Other changes

  • Added a thumbnail preview when hovering over the timeline (local files only)
  • When deleting a marker from the Markers window, the next marker along is now selected automatically
  • Fixed an issue where video could not be flipped
  • Fixed an issue where the app could display an Open dialog even when a movie loaded at startup
  • More accurate frame stepping
  • Improved timecode accuracy
  • Various other fixes and tweaks

CinePlay is a powerful playback and note-taking tool for video professionals. To find out more, see the feature list, read the user manual, watch the overview video or download the free 15-day trial. Kollaborate customers get cloud functionality in CinePlay free of charge.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Aug 2 2016 to DR News, Front Page News, CinePlay