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Weekend Reads - 8-17-12

Here are some of the interesting post production articles we found over the last week.

New MPEG standard cuts video bandwidth requirements in half

MPEG has released a draft of its new H.265 encoding video standard. The new standard requires half the bandwidth of the existing H.264 standard so you have the choice of halving bandwidth for the same visual quality or increasing visual quality while keeping bandwidth the same. This is especially useful for 3D TV.

The Smoke Learning Channel now on iTunes

Autodesk has released a new podcast on iTunes for learning more about Smoke 2013.

Anatomy of a Grade - Node by Node Breakdown

Interesting breakdown of a bleach bypass look in DaVinci Resolve 9.

Is there a way to do 'precision dragging' a la FCP?

Interesting discussion about the lack of 'precision dragging' in Adobe Premiere and various workarounds.

Arri Alexa - Legal vs Extended

Very detailed description of how the Arri Alexa handles color and how to work with it in post.

ProRes Faceoff

Interesting comparison between ProRes LT and HQ. I've found LT looks great by itself but when you place it side-by-side with a higher quality flavor of ProRes (4444 in my case) the difference is definitely noticeable to the human eye.

Working with multicam in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Scott Simmons gives a detailed tutorial on working with multicam in Adobe Premiere.

This is the Job

Director Joe Carnahan reveals his Daredevil concept trailer.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Aug 17 2012 to Weekend Reads