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Weekend Reads - Dec 17 2016

Colour Grading Tutorials for DaVinci Resolve - Jonny Elwyn

Extensive list of free video tutorials for DaVinci Resolve.

Lumaforge : FCPX 10.3 Workflow

Great overview of narrative workflows in FCPX 10.3, courtesy of Lumaforge and LACPUG.

Tips to help abrupt dialog edits - Pro Tools is Awesome!

Lots of useful dialogue editing tips that can be applied to other DAWs too.

In Old Movies, Why The Dial Tone After Someone Hangs Up? - YouTube

Once again, movies make the mistake of applying something that only exists in California to the rest of the country.

This Web Tool Helps Creatives Say 'No' to Working for Poor Pay or Exposure - PetaPixel

This is a great tool for helping you negotiate with clients.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Dec 17 2016 to Weekend Reads