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Weekend Reads - 9-22-12

EQ Settings Guide

Very useful list of frequencies you can equalize to remove or enhance certain elements of the sound.

What are secondary storylines in FCPX and how do you use them?

Macbreak Studio provides a great overview of this useful Final Cut Pro X feature.

Making the switch: Mac to PC

David Bourne on his reasons for switching to a PC.

DaVinci Resolve: Which GPU provides the best acceleration on the Mac Pro?

Radeon GPUs seem to perform poorly with Davinci Resolve when compared with NVIDIA cards.

Demystifying the After Effects CS6 Performance Cache

Overview of the new caching system in CS6 that aims to improve performance.

Little fix to make using Premiere CS6 a little bit better

A set of smaller cursor icons for Premiere Pro CS6 to fix the problem where cursors appear large when zoomed in. Note that you'll probably need to re-add them whenever you install a new Premiere Pro update.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Sep 22 2012 to Weekend Reads, Software, Video Editing