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Weekend Reads - Dec 3 2016

How To Edit an Action Movie - Jonny Elwyn

Great primer on action scene editing, alongside real movie clips showing the techniques.

Premiere Pro CC 2017- New Features -

Some of the less obvious features in the new Premiere update.

In Search of the New Mac Pro by Damian Allen - ProVideo Coalition

What are the options in a world in which the Mac Pro still hasn't been updated?

AMD Zen Summit Ridge Processors Rumored For Launch on 17th January - WCCFTech

AMD is getting back in the high-performance CPU game. Intel-class performance, half the price.

Free 2017 Post Production Icons! - Sam Woodhall

Free folder icon pack from Sam Woodhall. Great for Post Haste users.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Dec 3 2016 to Weekend Reads