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Weekend Reads - 10-12-12

Smart Rendering in Premiere Pro CS 6

Everything you wanted to know about Adobe's new FCP-style Smart Rendering feature (where it avoids recompressing the source media upon output) for certain formats in CS 6.0.1.

Mac, PC, Adobe and Resolve

Walter Biscardi on some of the problems of switching to Windows.

I am now mastering all PrP exports to OP1a AVC-I 100

On the same topic, Tom Daigon explains his reasons for choosing to master to OP1a AVC I-100 MXF.

GoPro ProTune firmware update

There's a new firmware update for GoPro HERO2 cameras offering better integration with professional workflows.

Dealing with Gamma Shifting [VIDEO]

How to use the Headroom feature in Smoke to control QuickTime color management.

FCPX magnetic timeline forum thread

Interesting discussion about FCPX's magnetic timeline and scenarios where the new paradigm isn't ideal.

How to build and use adjustment layers in FCP X

Here's a useful trick to use Photoshop / After Effects-style adjustment layers in FCPX.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Oct 12 2012 to Weekend Reads