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Recent updates - November 2018

In case you missed it, here are some recent software updates for our products.

CinePlay for iOS 1.7 - Oct 23 2018

  • Markers can now be created, edited, viewed and exported on iPhones
  • Improved stability with browsing files on Kollaborate
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations

Kollaborate Encoder 1.3 - Oct 18 2018

Compatibility notes:
  • libav support has been removed. If you don't have ffmpeg installed please follow the steps in the installation guide to install it.
  • ImageMagick is now an optional but recommended dependency. Follow the installation guide to install it.


  • Support for passwords (optional). Set a password in the config file and Kollaborate Encoder will only accept jobs if the password is included in the request. Remember to also set the password in the Configure page of the admin area on Kollaborate Server.
  • Images are now piped to ffmpeg through ImageMagick, which means Kollaborate Encoder is now compatible with more image variations like CMYK
  • Better support for multi-track audio files
  • Kollaborate Server now sends the timecode to the encoder instead of the encoder detecting it from the file, allowing you to change the timecode from the Metadata page and have the encoder respect it when burning in timecode overlays
  • New encoder queue priority system downgrades users who upload too many files at once so that one person cannot hog all uploads for the server
  • Fixed a log error occurring at startup
  • Removed libav support

Kollaborate Server 1.7.1 - Oct 18 2018

Compatibility notes:
  • Kollaborate Server now requires PHP 7.2 or higher
  • libav support has been removed - to switch to ffmpeg see the installation guide

Server-specific features

  • New Custom Features page in the admin area that allows you to disable site features and pages completely for everyone or just for non-admins
  • Encoding servers can now be password protected for added security
  • Added an option to the Configure page to prevent non-admins from creating projects
  • More style options in the Customize Style page
  • You can now set a logo for emails that is different from the site logo
  • Added button to remove custom logos without having to reset all styles
  • Kollaborate Server installations are now fully independent so you can run multiple copies on the same server with separate cookies and settings

Full changelog:

  • Admin - Greatly improved custom theming and added new options for customizing button colors
  • Admin - Fixed several issues with the custom stylesheet
  • Admin - Added the ability to prevent non-admins from creating projects
  • Admin - Added the ability to prevent certain pages or features of the site from showing
  • Admin - Removed libav option from the Configure page
  • Admin - Fixed an issue where custom site logos may not be respected
  • Admin - Support for specifying an optional custom email logo
  • Admin - Added buttons to remove custom logos without having to reset everything
  • Encoding - Support for manually encoding image files
  • Encoding - Manually encoded files now inherit workflow settings
  • Encoding - Fixed an issue where non-video proxies could be assigned an MP4 file extension
  • Encoding - Encoded image files are no longer restricted to 1280 pixels high
  • Thumbnails - Kollaborate now generates multiple thumbnails and picks the best to prevent you ending up with a black thumbnail
  • Thumbnails - Added support for manually regenerating thumbnails for images and PDFs
  • Thumbnails - Support for recognizing and generating thumbs for numerous new formats including M2TS, AI, PSD and FLAC
  • Workflows - Fixed an issue where Upload Workflow matches wouldn't update
  • Workflows - New simplified Image Files upload workflow
  • Workflows - Added "client name" as an option to the Overlays action
  • Workflows - New Upload Workflow action: Delete original file after converting
  • Workflows - New Upload Workflow action: Prevent file from being treated as a version of an existing file
  • Player - Fixed an issue where the player says a file was approved when it was actually rejected
  • Player - Fixed an issue that could cause some movies to appear stretched
  • Upload - Thumbnails are now generated from PDFs
  • Upload - Fixed an issue where audio thumbnails could be red
  • Upload - Reduced the likelihood of upload hangs
  • Upload - Fixed an issue where files with backslashes in the filename couldn't be uploaded
  • Files - Fixed an issue where proxies wouldn't be moved when moving a file to a new project
  • Files - Storage space dynamically updates as you upload / delete files
  • Files - Added ability to restore deleted files
  • Files - Per-user download / view counts for files
  • Files - Added Clear Search button
  • Files - Support for file expiration
  • Files - Added an option to go back to source folder instead of destination when moving a file
  • Files - Show an icon to indicate whether a folder/dept has unviewed files inside it
  • Files - Fixed an issue where moving a file between departments sent out lots of emails
  • Files - Audio file durations are now detected
  • Files - No longer shows file extension after upload is complete
  • Comments - Fixed an issue where DaVinci Resolve marker EDLs might not be created
  • Comments - Added the ability to show a printable view of comments with thumbnails
  • Projects - Added ability to restore deleted projects
  • Projects - Added filtering by active, archived and deleted projects
  • Share - Support for emailing password separately from the link
  • Share - Added support for forcing files to download and relinking to the latest version
  • Share - Fixed an issue where entering a correct password in the wrong case would fail but not show an error
  • Share - Fixed an issue where a custom message wouldn't be sent
  • Share - Prevented users from sharing expired links
  • Share - You can now set a specific expiration date for a link
  • Player - Fixed an issue where clicking the timecode box causes the video to play
  • Player - Reduced the full-screen comment trigger area so you must move the mouse closer to the edge of the window to trigger the comment overlay now
  • Player - Show users according to team privacy settings
  • QuickLook - Added Open in Player button
  • QuickLook - Support for showing file title in preview
  • QuickLook - Fixed an issue where tooltips would display over the top of the QuickLook window
  • QuickLook - Support for changing preview when clicking files
  • QuickLook - Link view count is now incremented when the user previews a file
  • QuickLook - Closes preview when files are deselected
  • Permissions - Users must now have upload permissions in order to create folders
  • Permissions - Non-admins can now only move files they uploaded
  • Metadata - Don't show Allow Comments checkbox if it's located in user's private storage area
  • Dashboard - Show My Most Viewed Files
  • Security - Fixed an issue that could prevent Multi-Factor Authentication being activated
  • Team - Users are unsubscribed from project / file subscriptions when the last instance of them is removed from the Team page
  • History - View / download events are now logged on a per-user basis
  • UI - Improved the look of the alerts dropdown
  • UI - Added new UI for Adobe panel
  • UI - Renamed Disable Alerts to Incognito Mode
  • Various minor fixes, tweaks and optimizations

CinePlay 1.5.4 - Oct 10 2018

  • Improved support for H.265 / HEVC
  • Fixed an issue where timecode could sometimes be 1 frame off
  • Playback stability improvements
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations
Posted by Jon Chappell on Nov 7 2018 to DR News