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Recent updates - April 2023

In case you missed it, here are some recent software updates for our products.

Kollaborate Server 3.6.2 - Mar 16 2023

Server-Specific Changes

  • Added LimitRequestBody to .htaccess file for compatibility with recent versions of Apache
  • Fixed an issue where avatars could not be uploaded
  • Admin - Workflows - Fixed an issue where file workflows may not be editable
  • Admin - Roles - Fixed a crash when deleting a role

Other Changes

  • Comments - New comment design that is more space-efficient on narrower screens
  • Files - Support for batch exporting captions and comments
  • Player - Allow downloading the current frame as an image
  • Projects - Added the ability to import folder structures from an existing project when creating a new one
  • Advanced Search - Add option to search by age in days
  • Preview - Remember previous volume setting for quick look previews
  • Share - Added 21 day expiration option
  • Metadata - Add extra frame rates to list on Edit Metadata page
  • Transcript - Made caption overlap checking less strict
  • Player - Show Actions button on mobile
  • Player - Prompt before deleting comment annotations and attachments
  • UI - Better support for popups on mobile screens
  • Player - Comments and transcripts are no longer refreshed when the browser tab is not visible
  • Files - Limit number of emails sent when a batch of files is moved at once
  • Files - Prevent text box clicks from navigating to files/ folders when renaming
  • Files - Prevent the rename textbox from appearing multiple times if the file is already being renamed
  • Player - Improved the accuracy of timecode shown when hovering above play bar
  • Captions - Fixed an issue where Premiere couldn't import SRTs and improved caption timing accuracy in general
  • Comments - Fixed an issue where the first Davinci Resolve marker wouldn't be imported
  • Download Folder - Fixed an issue preventing link recipients from downloading folders
  • Files - Better logic for detecting the correct frame rate of a video if multiple frame rates are returned
  • Files - Fixed an issue where renaming a version in a version stack would not reload the file correctly
  • Files - Fixed an issue where a numeric filename like "1.20" could be shortened to "1.2"
  • Player - Fixed a crash if reviewers are not accessible
  • Player - Fixed a crash if user tries to view a file after the project has been deleted
  • Adobe Panel - Various bug fixes and changes to how information is displayed
  • UI - Various minor interface tweaks
  • Various small bug fixes, optimizations and code modernizations
Posted by Jon Chappell on Apr 7 2023 to DR News