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Pro Media Tools 1.1.2 released - new QT Edit Quick Tasks, Video Check printing and more

Last week we released Pro Media Tools 1.1.2, a minor update to our suite of tools for managing and optimizing media workflows.

New QT Edit Quick Task to create timecode tracks from timecode metadata

This Quick Task will add a new timecode track from timecode metadata stored in the user data section of a movie file. This can help solve issues where timecode from Adobe Media Encoder is incorrect.

Improved metadata support in QT Edit

QT Edit now supports additional metadata types and several issues with updating modified metadata have been fixed.

Edit Detector range selection

By popular demand you can now select a range of edit points and delete them or export them to a marker list.

Video Check printing

You can now print the results from Video Check, which is useful for creating QC reports.

The full changelog is available here.

Pro Media Tools is an indispensable suite of applications for editors, assistant editors and post production professionals. To find out more, see the features page, watch the overview video or download the free trial.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Mar 3 2012 to DR News, Front Page News, Utilities