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Possible solution to Color 1.0.3 XDCAM issues

As reported earlier, the new Color 1.0.3 patch cannot seem to recognize XDCAM footage, reporting it as offline. Matt Bucy on the Apple discussions board seems to have come up with a potential fix though. It would appear that the problem is with the XDCAM codec that Sony's capture utility uses, and the problem goes away if you re-encode the video with Apple's flavor of the codec.

Matt recommends going to File > Media Manager and selecting Copy referenced media. You could also export to a QuickTime or put the files through Compressor (the latter being the least recommended option due to recompression taking place).

Let me know how well this works for you. Hopefully Apple will fix this soon.
Posted by Jon Chappell on Dec 14 2008 to Apple, Final Cut Studio, Color Grading