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Color 1.0.3 reportedly breaking XDCAM footage

A large number of Color 1.0.3 users are reporting that the latest version breaks XDCAM footage. Apparently their XDCAM media is listed as being offline, with no way to reconnect it. The symptoms vary - some report that 30p XDCAM works fine, others report that no XDCAM works at all. Some are saying it is an issue with 1080p clips only and that 720p is fine.

Currently no-one has managed to come up with a workaround and the only suggested course of action at this stage is to uninstall Color and reinstall version 1.0.2. As far as I'm aware, that is still available from Apple's site. If you experience problems with round-tripping from FCP you will need to uninstall the entire Studio, reinstall from the disc and then ask on some forums for the old FCP 6.0.4 update (included in Pro Applications 2008-02 I believe) because, frustratingly, Apple only posts the very latest updates on their site.

This is why it is recommended to not update in the middle of a project and to read up on the patch in some forums before updating. And to be on the safe side, clone your hard disk before you update as well. We can only hope that Apple fixes this issue soon (don't hold your breath) and in the meantime, all those experiencing issues should notify Apple so they are made aware that it is affecting a large number of their users.

Update 12/14/08: See the fix here.
Posted by Jon Chappell on Dec 11 2008 to Apple, Final Cut Studio, Color Grading