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Bugs of the Week - 9-15-13

After a long break, our list of NLE bugs you should know about is back.


Adobe announces new features in upcoming October release

In and out points change when relinking EDL

The thread for bad things about Premiere CC (created prior to the update announcement)

Software update causes video to be obscured (Windows)

OS X 10.8.5 causing color profile issues

Disabling then re-enabling the dedicated GPU can fix some launch crashes (Windows)


Overview of the changes in Media Composer 7.0.2

DMF service not working in non-admin user accounts


FCPX ignores timecode on certain Canon 5D Mk III clips

Various issues with media stored on NFS mounts

Share progress bar is inaccurate

Plugin effects can disappear upon export

Sony XDCAM plugin can conflicts with other plugins

Sapphire 7950 cards can cause rendering issues in FCPX

Putting a blur filter on interlaced footage softens it, even if the blur is set to 0%. Softening also occurs in progressive but it's much less noticeable (thanks Andy).


When cutting multicam, switching angles after adding a 3rd party transition will cause a cut at the end of the transition and the rest of the clip will revert to a normal clip type. (from Strypes)

Posted by Jon Chappell on Sep 16 2013 to Bugs of the Week, Video Editing