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Introducing Cut Notes

I'm proud to introduce our newest product, Cut Notes, an iPad app for taking timecoded notes during a screening.

We've been collaborating on this app with Nate Orloff, who saw a need for a way to create notes during a screening with a producer or director without having to tediously write timecode by hand.

The app primarily operates in landscape view. There are pages of buttons corresponding to common notes such as "Bad Cut" or "Too Fast." Taking a note is as simple as pressing a button, and the buttons can be completely customized to fit your workflow.

To enter a more detailed note, swipe to the right to reveal the keyboard. To view and delete notes, simply rotate the app to portrait mode.

Cut Notes is designed to be as platform- and NLE-agnostic as possible. Consequently, it will work with Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Premiere, iTunes, QuickTime or indeed any application that's capable of playing back video or audio. Just select the correct frame rate and timecode settings and then press play in Cut Notes and your NLE at the same time.

Notes can be exported as plain text, Avid locator files, Final Cut Pro marker lists or CSV files for importing into Excel. There is no built-in way to import marker lists into Final Cut Pro so we created a helper app called Cut Notes Marker Import.

For more information on Cut Notes, check out our demonstration video, user manual and our Facebook and Twitter pages. There is a feedback link within the app and we'd be keen to hear what people think of it.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Jan 8 2011 to Front Page News, DR News, Utilities