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CinePlay 1.4 for iOS released with audio playback support

Last week we released CinePlay 1.4 for iOS, a major update for our professional iOS media player.

Audio playback

CinePlay can now play back audio files in addition to video. It can play back audio files located at a URL, stored on Kollaborate, stored on Dropbox or added via the File Sharing dialog in iTunes.

Audio playback has the same features as video playback, including draggable timecode overlays and marker support on the iPad.

Improved cloud integration

We've made many improvements to CinePlay's integration with our cloud workflow platform, Kollaborate, including adding blue dots next to each file to show if it is unviewed and improving the reliability of downloads.

CinePlay for iOS is an invaluable screening tool for video professionals, offering professional features like timecode, safe areas and markers. To find out more, view the feature list, watch the overview video, read the user manual or buy CinePlay on iTunes.

If you're looking to test CinePlay before buying, sign up for the Kollaborate trial (no credit card needed) and download the free Kollaborate edition of CinePlay.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Jul 15 2014 to DR News, Front Page News, Utilities