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Bugs of the Week - 8-10-12

Here are some of the more interesting bugs we came across in the past week.


Audio repeats until the end of the clip if conforming is interrupted

Hover scrub previews appear inverted and upside down

Cannot scroll unless thumbnails have been generated

Orange lines on rendered video (Windows)


Avid has released Media Composer and Symphony 6.0.3. There are lots of changes including an I/O hardware toggle switch, performance improvements and bin names can now be up to 64 characters in length.

It also supports OS X 10.7.4 and 10.8. It is still not Gatekeeper-compatible so Avid recommends switching off Gatekeeper, installing Media Composer and then switching it back on again. It's also worth noting that ISIS and MediaNetwork don't support OS X 10.8 at all yet.

EuCon boards seem to work better with a router in between than a direct connection

Workflow for relinking AMA files that lose their links

Slow database access can be caused by too many files in a folder

Final Cut Pro X

Various issues with Mountain Lion

"Cannot allocate memory" error can be caused by NTFS drives

Over a billion plugins installed


Mountain Lion users reporting poor battery life

Some users reporting improved NLE performance and stability in 10.8 (most likely due to OpenCL improvements)

Posted by Jon Chappell on Aug 11 2012 to Software, Video Editing, Bugs of the Week