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Adobe Creative Cloud compatibility with Digital Rebellion products

Today Adobe launched Adobe Creative Cloud, with many new features for Premiere Pro and other apps in the suite. We've been playing about with it for a while and our apps are largely compatible (also due to our recent policy of trying to make our tools as app-agnostic as possible).

Here is a list of useful information you need to know when using our products with the new version.

Cut Notes

Cut Notes works a lot better with Premiere Pro CC and it is our preferred version of Premiere to use with the app. It does not require a plugin and you also gain remote playback capabilities from the iPad.

You can read a guide to setting it up here.

Preference Manager

Preference Manager is not compatible with the Creative Cloud apps but we have an update in the works that will support them along with some new features too. This is being targeted for release within the next few weeks.

Plugin Manager

Plugin Manager does not display plugins for Adobe CC apps. This will be addressed in the next update.

Post Haste

Post Haste does not have blank Premiere Pro CC project file templates but is otherwise compatible.

Any app we haven't listed works the same with the new version as it did before.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Jun 18 2013 to Front Page News, DR News, Adobe