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2013 - Year in Review

2014 is now here so here's a look back at the past twelve months.

This was our biggest year yet with the launch of our new cloud workflow service, Kollaborate. As well as being a video review tool with timecode integration and marker exports, it’s also a platform we are building all of our products around. Cloud-integrated apps include Post Haste, Preference Manager, Cut Notes and CinePlay (the latter two also have free Kollaborate-only versions for clients and colleagues).

If you’re reluctant to upload data to the cloud we also offer Kollaborate Server for businesses to run in-house on their own servers and storage.

We also launched CinePlay for iOS - a professional video player with timecode overlays, markers, masking, cropping and integration with Digital Rebellion products such as Cut Notes, Editmote and Kollaborate.

In addition we released major updates for Marker Import, Cut Notes, EditCodes and Preference Manager. In total we released over 80 free updates to our tools.

Our most popular free app was FCS Remover and our most popular paid app was Pro Maintenance Tools. Our most popular iOS app was Video Space Calculator.

The most popular blog posts of 2013 were:
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Things you may have missed:

So what’s next? As well as continuing to improve our existing products, we are planning additional product launches in 2014 and will be putting extra emphasis on expanding the range of platforms we develop for. Keep an eye on the blog, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to the mailing list to be alerted when new products and updates are available.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Jan 2 2014 to DR News, Front Page News, Analysis