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Post Haste no longer available from the Mac App Store

As of today, Post Haste will no longer be available from the Mac App Store. Due to Apple's App Store sandboxing restrictions, it can be difficult to deliver a good user experience from file management apps like Post Haste that need to read from and write to a variety of locations on your hard drive.

In addition, we've known for a while that features on our future roadmap (e.g. scripting) would put us in direct conflict with Apple's App Store policies, despite being highly requested by our userbase. We knew that at some point in the future we'd need to make a decision about Post Haste on the store but hadn't expected it to happen quite so quickly.

We are unable to provide future updates to the current version nor offer a cut-down version without making what we consider to be unacceptable user experience changes, so we have made the decision to remove Post Haste from the store completely.

To be clear, development of Post Haste is alive and well for both Mac and PC, and the software will continue to be available for free download from our site. Most customers won't be affected by this because the majority have downloaded directly from us, but we apologize to those affected and encourage them to download a more up-to-date version of the app from our site.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Oct 15 2013 to DR News, Utilities