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Weekend Reads - Aug 20 2016

The chemicals we off-gas change when we watch something funny or thrilling | Ars Technica

Air testing could be a future alternative to movie reviews.

MIT shows off amazing manipulation of objects in video | Nackblog

Dynamic video could allow CG and live-action objects to easily interact with each other.

Seagate's new 60TB SSD is world's largest | Ars Technica

Seagate announces the world's largest SSD with a 3.5in form factor.

QI | Why Are Actors So Overpaid? [video]

QI demonstrates the Kuleshov Effect.

How natural are nature documentaries? | The Verge

Interesting discussion about the tricks that documentarians perform to get the footage they need.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Aug 20 2016 to Weekend Reads