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Weekend Reads - 9-30-12

How to color correct a horror film

I love this idea: Patrick Inhofer introduces his first Grade-Along project.

CS6 Gripes / CS6.5 wish list

Well thought-out list of Premiere feature requests from an FCP switcher.

An Exciting Post About File Management

Interesting discussion about project management (be sure to read the comments). Post Haste seems to be commonly used.

Pretending to be pro: Pro Amp

Dennis Couzin analyzes the Proc Amp filter in FCP 7 against the output a real Proc Amp should produce.

Autodesk Smoke 2013 Pre-Release 4

Smoke PR4 is out with several new features, including many UI changes.

Telestream releases Flip4Mac 3.0

Improved support for OS X 10.8 and AV Foundation, and also ships with a new standalone video player.

The Return of the Save As Command

This is good but you still need to hold down the Option key to access it. It's an example of Apple's constant efforts to simplify everything actually making things more complicated.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Sep 30 2012 to Weekend Reads