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Weekend Reads - 8-24-12

In Search of the NLE or How I Love the Search Tool
Strypes reveals the reasons he misses FCP 7's search tool.

5 Reasons to Use Resolve
Clay Asbury gives his main reasons for using DaVinci Resolve instead of grading within your NLE.

WaveTap snags audio on your Mac with a keyboard shortcut
WavTap is a free open source application for recording audio with a keyboard shortcut.

Sony Sound Forge Pro coming soon to the Mac
Sony's great Windows audio software is now coming to the Mac.

Dongles vs software activation
Arguments for and against using dongles in Avid Media Composer.

Closing Multiple Gaps in a Premiere Pro Timeline
Lots of steps but a nifty trick if you've got many gaps to close.

Why it Pays to Submit to Hackers
Behavioral economists analyze why most people don't backup or choose strong passwords.

Camera shutter speed synchronized with helicopter blade frequency [video]
This is apparently what happens when you shoot a helicopter with a fast enough shutter speed.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Aug 24 2012 to Weekend Reads, Video Editing, Software