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Weekend Reads - 12-2-12

Quick Avid Tip: Display your UNC File Path in the bin!

Trick for overcoming Avid's inability to display a UNC path in projects that are not 24p.

IRE and Voltage

Useful information about PAL voltage levels vs NTSC IRE.

Geometry Pane

What the different options in Compressor's Geometry pane do.

Radeon HD 7000 series support in 10.8.3 beta points to new Mac Pro

There are many speculative posts around the web on the demise or resurgence of the Mac Pro. This one falls into the resurgence category.

Black Magic Cinema Camera SSD to the Mac

First impressions of the Black Magic Cinema Camera and how to connect it to your Mac.

Adobe Premiere Pro Quick Tip – 2 Methods for Dealing with Audio

How to put stereo audio on two tracks like FCP 7 and how to fill left or right to create stereo audio from a single channel.

Exporting Multichannel Quicktimes in Premiere Pro

How to export multichannel QTs is not obvious and I got bitten the first time I needed to do it, so bookmark this for future reference.

5 Tools for Cleaning Up Audio in Adobe Audition

Great tips for cleaning up your audio.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Dec 2 2012 to Weekend Reads