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Recent updates - September 2016

We've been busy - here are some recent software updates for our products that you may have missed.

Kollaborate Server 2.0.2 - Aug 24 2016

  • Support for recognizing and converting MXFs, FLVs and AVIs
  • When drawing over a video in full screen near to the right edge, hold down shift to prevent the comment overlay from appearing
  • Limited the screen area required to trigger the full screen comment overlay on larger monitors
  • Fixed an issue where annotations couldn't be submitted
  • If no other encoders are responding, send to the first available encoder even if the current file is longer than the encoder's maximum duration
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a file would result in it still being selected invisibly, producing an error if you tried to delete something else
  • Fixed an issue where clients would try to reconnect too often if the socket server was offline
  • Double quotes are now prohibited from file titles
  • Reduced logging when processing webhook events
  • Several fixes to thumbnail generation
  • Various other bug fixes and tweaks

Kollaborate Premiere Panel 1.0.3 - Aug 24 2016

Improved compatibility with Adobe Premiere 2015.3.

Pro Media Tools 1.4.5 - Aug 4 2016

  • QT Edit - New Quick Task: import timecode from Broadcast Wave (BWF) audio file
  • QT Edit - Several conform improvements
  • QT Edit - Fixed an issue where the Discard button does nothing when closing a batch that hasn't been submitted
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Open dialog in several apps to show at startup even if a previous file was automatically reopened
  • Various other fixes and tweaks
Posted by Jon Chappell on Sep 3 2016 to DR News