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Recent updates - October 2017

We've been busy - here are some recent software updates for our products that you may have missed.

Pro Versioner 2.1.6 - Oct 4 2017

Pro Versioner has been discontinued. While there will be no further updates to the software, it is operational and can still continue to be used.

This update removes the registration code so the software will freely function without the need for a license. It also removes Dropbox sync functionality for compatibility reasons. However, Dropbox can continue to be used by choosing your Dropbox folder as the backup destination.

If you need to redownload Pro Versioner in future, it will continue to be available at // .

CinePlay for iOS 1.6.6 - Sep 27 2017

  • iOS 11 compatibility
  • Fixed a crash when accessing Kollaborate revisions
  • Various minor fixes and tweaks

Cut Notes 2.4.7 - Sep 27 2017

  • iOS 11 support
  • Stability improvements
  • Fixed an issue where cloud notes may not update immediately
  • Various other minor fixes

Pro Media Tools 1.6.1 - Sep 19 2017

  • Auto Transfer - Added a List metadata type that only allows you to choose specific values
  • Auto Transfer - Added an option to include the camera number in auto-detected reel names (e.g. A010)
  • Auto Transfer - Support for detecting volumes from DJI drones
  • Auto Transfer - Fixed an issue where metadata columns in the Transfer view wouldn't reorder when reordered from the Metadata pane
  • Auto Transfer - Fixed an issue where files on transferred volumes may not retain their original modification dates
  • QT Edit - Times in the Info tab are now shown in your local timezone (there is an option in preferences to force UTC)
  • QT Edit - Limited the maximum number of metadata fields to 400 to prevent the app hanging if a movie has corrupt metadata
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a "trial has expired" message to appear
  • Various other bug fixes, tweaks and improvements

Kollaborate Encoder 1.1.4 - Sep 13 2017

  • Compatibility with Kollaborate Server 2.6
  • Minor bug fixes and tweaks

Kollaborate Server 2.6 - Sep 13 2017

  • Batch downloading
  • Auto-advance to the next/previous file in the folder
  • Download proxies instead of original files
  • Kollaborate now auto-selects the previously opened file when navigating back to the Files page
  • Custom approve / reject button labels
  • Images and videos show icon previews while uploading (for video formats supported by a web browser)
  • Overhauled QuickLook to be more responsive and look nicer
  • Project thumbnails
  • You can now favorite a file from the player
  • Filter by Favorites on the Files page
  • The next / previous buttons in the player now show a preview of the file
  • Better support for animated GIFs - hoverscrub thumbs are now generated and file durations are shown
  • You can now separate version stacks by right-clicking
  • Folders are now ordered before files in the list
  • Improved image full screen view in player
  • Better displaying of large images in player
  • Uploads will stay where they were dragged instead of scrolling the page to the bottom
  • Time estimates for uploads
  • Digests are no longer sent to unactivated users
  • Password security improvements
  • Auto login security improvements
  • Player UI improvements
  • Many performance and responsiveness improvements
  • Many UI tweaks
  • Various other bug fixes and polish
Posted by Jon Chappell on Oct 7 2017 to DR News