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Recent updates - May 2023

In case you missed it, here are some recent software updates for our products.

Preference Manager 4.5.4 - May 4 2023

  • Removed telemetry from the app
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a "Background Items Added" alert to appear multiple times
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations

Post Haste for Mac 2.8 - May 4 2023

    •    You can now add prefixes and suffixes to augment a parameter's value from the Preferences  > Parameters window. Note that prefixes and suffixes will not be applied to blank parameter values; the parameter will be skipped entirely.
    •    Removed telemetry from the app
    •    Updated project templates and blank project file templates
    •    Fixed an issue where the software updater could cause a "Background Items Added" alert to appear multiple times
    •    Minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations

Kollaborate Server 3.7 B1 - Apr 24 2023

This is a pre-release version of Kollaborate Server 3.7. This version has a few new user-facing features but the biggest change is a signficant architectural overhaul. It has thousands of backend improvements and several key components have been rewritten. These changes improve reliability, customization and performance.

This version has been well tested and we're not aware of any issues, but we've given it a beta label due to the sheer number of changes that occurred.

Also note that we're now using MariaDB instead of MySQL and that the Docker image is configured to convert the database to your MariaDB version automatically. As such, we would recommend backing up the database before upgrading as you may be unable to downgrade otherwise.

Changes in this version:

  • PHP 8.1 support
  • MySQL has been replaced with MariaDB, which improves performance
  • Link recipients can now view (but not edit) captions
  • History can be filtered and exported to a CSV file
  • Numerous UI improvements including new user interface controls for entering timecode, copying links and displaying thumbnails
  • UI styling has been overhauled and you may therefore need to regenerate the style from the Admin Area
  • The App Storage feature has been removed
  • The long-deprecated Python scripting feature has been removed
  • Lots of bug fixes and reliability improvements
  • Various minor tweaks and improvements
Posted by Jon Chappell on May 7 2023 to DR News